Right Move Physio Therapy & Health Management – Ian Budge

Upon opening a business, you learn many valuable lessons; some the hard way, some through experience and some you are taught by others throughout your journey. My biggest take away to date is the importance of community and connection. Being from a small town, people generally have a love-hate relationship with the constant chain of connection: everyone-knows-everyone.  Although this can be frustrating when you just want to run to the grocery store in your sweat pants without seeing anyone – it is very valuable as a business owner. You never know how someone you meet can later help you along the way.

Growing up in Toronto, I was always captivated by sports and physical activity. Playing competitive hockey and fast pitch in the GTA my whole life; along with numerous other sports such as soccer, golf, and ultimate frisbee. I decided to take my love of physical activity and try to learn how I could help others who couldn’t participate because of injury or pain. After high school, I completed a 4 year undergraduate degree at York University in Kinesiology and then decided to move my life to Kingston completing a 2 year masters degree in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University. 

My reasons and choice not to return to TO were based on my new found love of a city that I felt had it all! Historic downtown buildings, gorgeous waterfront scenery, fantastic local bars/restaurants, and enough greenery in city parks for everyone to enjoy. A city like Kingston seemed to be full of just as many friendly strangers as university scholars; combine that with a downtown summer vibe matched by few neighbourhoods I’d experienced in the GTA. I decided it was time to setup shop in my new hometown- YGK.

After working 8 years in private practice, and honing my treatment skills along the way- I decided to open my own business in January 2018. Our clinic (’The Right Move Physiotherapy and Health Management’) offers a more modern approach to care; which aims to get patients’ on the road to recovery sooner by employing evidence based treatment methods, professional sources of education for clients, and sound therapeutic exercise prescription. Treatment plans are always overseen by a registered physiotherapist and are tailored to the needs/goals of the individual clients.

Deciding to take that entrepreneurial leap was tough; which most would agree. My advice would be to make sure you take a good long look at yourself and decide what will make you happiest. Looking 5 to 10 years in the future and taking a chance to make your goals happen may feel risky; but its a risk worth taking if you want it bad enough. For anyone looking to get into the health care field, I would highly recommend it. No job is perfect but helping people feel and move their best everyday comes with a whole lot of positive in return. 

Our clinic is now accepting new patients at 500 Gardiners Rd. in the Gardiners Town Centre. Most insurance companies provide coverage for physiotherapy services so be sure to check out your provider. if you’ve been dealing with an injury that is new, ongoing, or simply hasn’t healed right- feel free to reach out to us! Check out our website (Rightmovept.com), call us at 613-384-3222, or drop in anytime during clinic hours and we’d be glad to answer any of your questions.