Melissa Eapen

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born in the Greater Toronto Area, and lived there until I moved to Waterloo to attend University of Waterloo for Computer Science and Psychology, and Conestoga College in Cambridge for Pre-Service Firefighting. After school, I moved to Kingston to start a business!

How did you join the industry?

Joining the escape room industry has its peaks and valleys – it definitely wasn’t a straight path. My business partner and I worked for another escape room while we were both in school, and decided to leave it to pursue other careers. Shortly after, we decided to start an escape room of our own, and started travelling through various cities in Ontario. We came across Kingston, fell in love with it, and decided to open up shop here. The escape room industry is a very new industry, so there have been lots of learning opportunities for us along the way!

Social Media:

My favourite social media app/software is Buffer. It helps me organize my posts and schedule them very easily (I like it a lot better than Hootsuite).


Before my next birthday, I’d like to see another location for Improbable Escapes, whether it’s in Kingston or elsewhere! We’ve grown so much in Kingston, and I think we’re ready to tackle another market.


A small adjustment that has made a big impact on me, is “faking it until you make it”. It sounds really cheesy, but it has helped me immensely these past few years! Prior to starting Improbable Escapes, I was a really shy person that became anxious quite easily over public speaking and networking events. I basically had the attitude to “fake” being comfortable in those situations, and now I am!


One piece of advice to give to my younger self: To take things as they come. Everything always works out, no matter what. So even if you’re going through a period of a lot of difficulty, it’s worth it.


I think the best ‘icebreaker questions’ at networking events surround what you’re passionate about. Instead of asking people what they do for a living, ask them what they’re passionate about – it makes for better conversations!


Favourite Quote:

Suck less to success.

Melissa Eapen

Director of Business Development at Improbable Escapes